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“The true value of art is that it encapsulates understanding. Through art, the subtle percolates through the gross, transforming the awareness of the perceiver.” – Kim Andrea

Portrait Kathy


“I can’t remove myself from any portrait or image that I paint. It flows through me, qualified by internal and external perceptions, reflected through my hand. There is a lot of filtering. I am happy when a drawing (or painting) seems to accurately depict what I perceive. The quest for perfection is a thankless task but a true passion.” – Kim Andrea

I have recently progressed from figurative work into deeper abstraction.


I find that it has condensed my visual voice into a more fundamental place with regard to cataloguing my experience, or story telling. Conceptually, from figure drawings and portraits, to stream-of-consciousness renderings, I am attempting to convey a vivid impression of the implications of things seen and not seen with the eyes.


Hoping all who visit here may glimpse something uplifting, or perhaps gain a touch of the intangible.

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Portrait Kathy

Show at the BCEC

2018 was a year of beginnings. A new body of work was debuted. 


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